Excellent product to attach on all range forestry used agricultural tractors. Because of ingeniously developed designed, we could compensate trenchers relatively light weight instead of powerful hydraulic motors. That way as trenchers kick point is used tractors weight and in result MFR1200 can get up to 6500 kg pressure on the ground.

The AFA MFR1200 creates planting spots with inverted humus (T), mineral
Soil mounds on inverted humus (H), and mineral soil mounds (M).

Type Suspended
Hydraulic requirements
Pressure 140 bar
Flow 75 l/min
Productivity (2500 planting spots per hectar)
Easy terain 1,5 ha
Normal terain 1,0 ha
Hard terain 0,5 ha
Weight 1200 kg
Disc quantity 2
Disc diameter 1200 mm
Quantity hydraulic cylinders 2
Quantity hydraulic motors 2
Adjustable disc angle and distance between rows 20° -45°
Number of teeth 10
Overall dimensions
Length 1648 mm
Width 2914 mm
Height 1933 mm
Operating personnel One worker